Program Overview

Day 1 - April 10, 2019

Hours: 2:00pm - 6:00pm


  • Welcome Remarks
  • Remarks from ABSOLAR's Board of Administrators and the Growth of PV in the World
  • PV in Brazil and in the Northeast - outlook and opportunities
  • PV in the State of Ceará
  • Municipal initiatives in support of PV
  • State initiatives in support of PV
  • Word of the Ministry of Mines and Energy


Legal, regulatory and tax aspects

  • The role of PV in the Brazilian electricity matrix
  • Normative Resolution 482/2012: the view of the regulator
  • State Incentives for PV in Ceará
  • Recommendations from the Brazilian PV sector
  •  Q&A


Discussion: Financing in the Northeast

  •  To be announced

Day 2 - April 11, 2019

Hours: 9:00am - 6:00pm

Technologies and Innovations

  • Opening
  • The role of innovation and technology for the PV sector
  • Bifacial PV Modules / PERC PV Modules / Half-Cell PV Modules
  • Microinverters: versatility and productivity
  • Fixed structures and solar trackers: advantages and disadvantages
  • Energy storage: the new frontier
  • Q&A


Cases and solutions

  • Opening: Moderator
  • PV in the Freshwater Program: Pumping Life into Brazil
  •  PV applications by the Brazilian Armed Forces
  • Applications for businesses and industries: competitiveness with the power of the sun
  • Applications for rural producers
  • Consumer goods with PV technology    
  • Q&A     


Distributed Solar Photovoltaic Generation

  • Opening
  • Business models for PV distributed generation
  • PV consortia and cooperatives
  • Processes and procedures for the connection of PV distributed generation in Ceará
  • Regulatory and tax perspectives
  • ABSOLAR Proposals for PV distributed generation
  • Q&A


Centralized Solar Photovoltaic Generation

  • Opening
  • PV in the Brazilian Free Electricity Market
  • PV contribution to the operation of the Northeast Electricity Subsystem
  • Case on the construction of a PV power plant in the Northeast
  • Cases on operation and maintenance of a PV power plant in the Northeast
  •  ABSOLAR Proposals for PV centralized generation
  • Q&A

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