Market Information

The Iranian solar energy market is speeding up

Iran’s potential for generating electricity by renewable energies is vast. Due to its geographical position it possesses some of the best combined wind and solar resources in the MENA region. Iran is therefore becoming highly attractive for renewable energy projects.

Additionally, Iranian policymakers have shown significant interest in renewable energies as they have the potential to improve energy security, increase the valuable export of hydrocarbons, and to meet the projected growth in electricity demand.

Furthermore, according to the Iranian newspaper Financial Tribune Iran promised at the Paris Climate Conference to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by expanding power production from renewable energies to 7,500 MW by the end of the next decade.

Additional 5 GW renewable energy

The Iranian Energy Ministry plans to add at least 1,000 megawatts renewable energy capacity each year through 2022, under the Sixth Five-Year Development Plan. To help to fulfill this target level the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA) has established attractive feed-in-tariffs and 20 years guaranteed power purchase payments.

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