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SolarPower Europe and Spanish Solar Association, UNEF, have teamed up with the Intersolar organizers to shed light on Europe's new solar boom market – Spain. Intersolar Summit Spain takes place in Barcelona on June 18, 2019. We are going to discuss the PV market development in Spain, the chances and opportunities of the announced grid parity, corporate sourcing models, regulation and policy issues. The event will bring together the key stakeholders in this market, which is being driven by auctions and increasingly by subsidy-free corporate sourcing of solar power.

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Quick Facts

DateJune 18, 2019
Location / VenueCrowne Plaza Barcelona – Fira Center, Avenida Rius | Taulet, 1-3, Barcelona | 8004 | Spain
FormatExpert Presentations, Executive Panel Discussions, Networking Breaks, Business Lunch, Table Top Exhibition
Attendees200+ (expected)
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LanguageEnglish and Spanish (simultaneous translation)

Session 1

+30GW in the pipeline until 2030 - The surge of the PV Market in Spain


The Spanish NECP foresees +30 new GW of PV to be installed by 2030. During this session we will discuss the vast potential of the PV market development in Spain and the main regulatory drivers and opportunities related to auctions, grid parity and corporate sourcing.


  • Looking beyond 2030 for a 2050 decarbonised energy mix
  • Challenges and opportunities of an interconnected Iberian market
  • Auctions as the solar catalyzer. Status of awarded capacity
  • How to prepare the electricity market to integrate high shares of solar PV
  • The present and future of subsidy-free solar

Session 2

Examples of a rising market for corporates - Corporate Sourcing case studies


After years of struggle, Iberia has emerged as an attractive location for corporates to source renewables. You will learn from leading companies the reasons of this unstoppable trend and the challenges and opportunities that are lying ahead both for buyers and suppliers.


  • Lessons learned from more experienced markets
  • Forecast of volume and prices
  • Unlocking alternative financing and private capital
  • Hedging electricity prices and short term PPAs
  • Corporate energy buyers: needs and opportunities
  • The importance of the bankability of the offtakers

Session 3

Corporate deals: How do we go from 0 to 10GW by 2025


As of April 2019, the corporate renewables market reached 3 GW of announced renewable off-site deals in Spain. However, the increasing interest might create a bottleneck. During this session, we will envisage the changes needed in the next years to ensure a steady market growth and to allow all corporates, including SMEs, to benefit  from the sourcing of RE.


  • Solar cannibalisation
  • The corporate roadmap: Trends and strategies of corporate demand
  • Policy barriers for a strong development of Corporate Sourcing
  • Barriers: Licensing and permitting - connection points
  • Differente corporate sectors energy intensive - SMEs - Aggregation
  • RE-Source objectives: contract template
  • The role of self-consumption

Spain's solar market is reignited

261.7 MW of new PV systems were installed in Spain in 2018 according to the provisional numbers of Spanish solar energy association UNEF. Compared to the newly installed 135 MW in 2017, this is an increase of 94%. There is every indication that the difficulties of the previous years of the Spanish renewable energy industry will be overcome.

Price cuts have been the main drivers for the solar market growth in Spain last year. These include lower production costs, better frameworks for self-consumption of solar power, and the cancellation of fees and charges such as the sun tax. These developments are very promising and doubtlessly appropriate for a country that is blessed with one of the best conditions for solar energy in Europe. SolarPower Europes’ positive prospects for the Spanish solar industry are therefore not surprising: 8.8 GW new capacity will be added by 2022 in their medium scenario. The total capacity will result then in 14.6 GW at the end of 2022. Spain belongs therefore to the top 15 solar markets worldwide in respect to the forecast photovoltaic (PV) additions.

Our confirmed speakers

Corporate Sourcing is on the rise

Solar energy will become cost-competitive with fossil energies in the coming years, which will favor new business models and sales opportunities. Intersolar Summit Spain is therefore not only dedicated to the solar market developments in Spain but also to the promising Corporate Sourcing models and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with their assets and drawbacks. Current projects have shown that renewable energy plants are able to generate power at the same or even lower prices as fossil power plants. Among the expected 200 attendees will therefore also be buyers from companies searching for Corporate Sourcing solutions.

If you are buyer and interested in taking part in the conference for free, please contact Ms. Simone Fein.

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