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The Conference Series - An Expanding Global Footprint

Intersolar conferences take place all over the world, accompanying our exhibitions and consolidating their topics. High-level conference sessions, panel discussions and workshops shed light on the current conditions and developments across international markets, as well as the latest technologies and trends. Topics cover the full industry spectrum and the entire photovoltaics, PV production technologies, solar thermal technologies and energy storage value chain.

Intersolar conferences are the world’s leading platforms for international solar experts to discuss global industry topics, as well as for the development of specific local markets that enable knowledge to be shared among solar professionals worldwide.

In addition to bringing the most renowned international experts from industry and science to your local market in order for them to learn first-hand about technologies and issues affecting global solar development, each “local” Intersolar conference addresses the specific trends and topics of your market with international expertise while following best practice. In this context, Intersolar values and actively pursues the establishment of local partnerships with national solar industry associations, companies and stakeholders. Moreover, representatives of such associations and local solar professionals are invited to join our respective conference committees. These committees act as our “local ear on the ground” and their feedback and insights about local market dynamics help us to shape our conference content.

Taken together, our international conferences are building a pool of world-class experts as well as a network of knowledge combined with industrial and scientific experience that’s unique in the global solar industry.