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U.S. East Coast Market

Government approvals and incentive schemes were stimulating continuous industry growth over the past years. Massachusetts has long led the nation in solar development and today ranks seventh in the nation in solar installations, second in solar jobs, and first in solar jobs per capita. And it is just about to install The SMART program, that will enable the state to more than double its solar capacity from 1,5 GW to 3.2 GW while providing more consistent incentives. The State of New York also pushed forward the energy transition by mandating 50% of renewable energy by 2030, with a target of 3 GW of solar by 2023.

Energy storage, with its capacity to integrate variable wind and solar power sources into the grid, is expected to play a critical role in meeting the plans to cut greenhouse gases. Therefore, only four weeks after signing a bill directing to develop an Energy Storage Deployment Program, New York governor Andrew Cuomo kicked off 2018 with the proposal of a groundbreaking energy storage deployment target of 1.5 GW by 2025 – bigger than California’s trendsetting 1.3 GW mandate. This makes New York the second state in the Eastern US to adopt energy storage legislation to spur the industry – Massachusetts being the first and has set a goal of 200 MWh of energy storage by 2020.

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