Iran’s Leading & Most Powerful Solar Energy Conference

The Intersolar Iran Conference takes place in Tehran and addresses leading international and local experts on solar power and renewable energy in the region. The high-level conference will welcome 500+ delegates and more than 35 top-level speakers to discuss proper policies, legal challenges and regulatory frameworks as well as grid-integration solutions and financing.

The Intersolar Iran Conference is a must-attend event for organizations and companies seeking to expand or to establish their business opportunities in the promising Iranian solar energy market. As ever, at the forefront of our work is the motto: Connecting Solar Business!

The Intersolar Iran Conference is postponed to 2019.

Iran: Predestined for solar energy

Iran’s potential for generating electricity by renewable energies is vast. Due to its geographical position it possesses some of the best combined wind and solar resources in the MENA region. Iran is therefore becoming highly attractive for renewable energy projects.

Additionally, Iranian policymakers have shown significant interest in renewable energies as they have the potential to improve energy security, increase the valuable export of hydrocarbons, and to meet the projected growth in electricity demand.

Market Information

Invest in Iran!

Iran’s potential for renewable energy is huge. So it is hardly surprising that 47 % of foreign investments in Iran in 2016 focused on clean and renewable energy. The country has remained the most secure and stable country in the region despite facing various pressures from inside and out.

Opportunities for foreign investments in Iran in renewable energies outshine the challenges and obstacles. 300 MW renewable energy are constructed already, and a further 800 MW are under construction. And the energy minister plans to install 1,000 MW renewable energy every year.

Join the 3rd Intersolar Iran Conference in Tehran as sponsor or attendee and meet the right people who drive your Iranian business forward.