Solar Quality Summit Europe

Ensuring the Best in O&M, EPC and Asset Management

As Europe needs to reach the TW solar level during this decade to stay on a Paris 1.5° path and add several more solar TW before climate neutrality is reached, the solar industry has to step up deployment speed dramatically, while at the same time ensuring the continued long-term quality of assets during an unprecedented scale-up in its size.

The Solar Quality Summit Europe will bring together all stakeholders in solar quality management, including investors, service providers and technology providers, to give them an overview of the latest market developments, sharing best practice in EPC, O&M, and Asset Management, exploring challenges, and discovering emerging technologies and trends.

The Summit is jointly organized by two leading organizations of the industry: Intersolar Europe and Solar Power Europe. 

Quick Facts

Date January 24–25, 2023

Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower

Barcelona, Spain

Topics O&M, EPC and Asset Management
Language English

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